Why aren't solar panels free?

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Learn what aspects define the value of solar panels.

If you have asked yourself this question, it is because you may not be clear about how the process to acquire a solar panel system works, here we tell you why installing solar panels in your home is not an expense but rather an investment and also all the benefits that the State brings to ensure that you make the best decision for your economic well-being and that of your family. 

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What to consider when installing solar panels?

First of all, you have to know that a solar panel system requires different elements for its operation such as: 

  • Materials for the installation of a solar electric system:

For the installation of a solar panel system it is necessary to have excellent materials such as: solar panels, batteries, solar inverters, charge controllers, cables, supports, among other elements that allow the system to work properly. 

  • Labor:

To do this type of installation work you need the labor of a group of experts in the field who are trained to provide the best service and have certifications to make your panels work and look great in your home.

  • Additional costs to solar panels:

This type of costs may vary, since they depend on the project that has been designed for your home and the installation requirements that must be included, the most frequent is the insurance for natural disasters, if you are still not clear about what it is and what it is for, we invite you to read our blog: "Do you know what HOI insurance is?" so that you understand how it works and in which States it is mandatory to obtain it.

On the other hand, an additional cost that only occurs in some cases, is the removal of trees, since the presence of a tree near your house can decrease the solar exposure of your roof and affect the production of solar energy. Solar Mission is a company committed to the care of the environment so removing trees will only be done when it is very necessary in order to care for and preserve every tree that surrounds us. 

Finally, the cost for roof replacement, in Solar Mission we offer you the option to quote your roof replacement if it is in poor condition due to age, rain or various factors that may affect, or even if your material is not suitable to install a complete system of panels, it is important to have a good condition of the roof so that your home is not affected and the panels work in the best way. 

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All these factors that we mentioned and that can influence the total cost of your system, have the sole purpose of providing the best guarantees for your investment is protected and feel safe to install solar panels on your home, this cost will be reflected in installments at your convenience at the end of the consultancy and may vary according to your project. In Solar Mission we are interested in your welfare and your pocket so we will give you the best financing options for you to make the best decision. 

How much does it cost to install solar panels on my house?

As mentioned before, the cost of your solar panels depends on the size of the system required for the property where it will be installed, the energy consumption of your family and the solar exposure of your roof, so not all homes use the same amount of panels and costs may vary according to these factors. 

However, it is important to clarify that when we say that solar panels are a long term investment, we mean that you will stop worrying about paying the expensive electric bill that year after year increases thanks to the different economic factors that may affect the public services of your State. With solar panels you will pay only the monthly fee that corresponds to the division of the total cost of the system and its installation, while you enjoy the solar energy.   

In Solar Mission we offer different financing rates to give you comfort when paying for your panels, this way your payments will be fixed and will not be affected by the change in the external economy. So then you can say that you have free solar panels because when you finish paying your solar panel system in full, you will not have to pay anything again because you produce your own energy and you will no longer depend on the electric utility. 

Receive benefits when installing solar panels

In addition to obtaining your solar panels at an excellent price and quality, there is a federal and state incentive program that the government grants to families that switch to solar energy, these incentives depend on the state where you are and certain requirements that you can meet to receive them in full. Some of them are: State Tax Credit, Net Metering and even credit rebates with your electric company. If you want to know more about these incentives and how they work, click here.

On the other hand, the investment in your solar panels help with your taxes, since you pay a percentage of money for switching to solar energy, this depends on the state you are in and the electric company you are part of. If you want to know the incentives of each state that will help you pay your taxes, click here.

At Solar Mission we work to support you in your process to switch to solar energy, we understand that it is an important investment but we are committed to show you all the benefits you will have when you make the decision to change your life. 


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