Facts you didn't know about solar energy and solar panels.

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Learn everything you didn't know about solar energy and how we can take advantage of it.

Solar energy provides us with many benefits, among them the production of energy for our homes through solar panels, however this is not the only thing it is capable of doing, if you want to learn more about solar energy we invite you to continue reading.  

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Let's begin to understand how solar energy is produced and why it is so wonderful for humans and the planet in general.

Where does it come from?

As its name indicates, this energy is produced by the sun, which is a star of 1.4 million kilometers that could host 109 planets, it is 109 times bigger than our planet earth, so it is capable of producing up to 4000 times more energy than the one we consume. 

Our planet receives about 1360 watts of solar radiation per square meter and a large part of it is absorbed by the clouds, so the light emitted to the planet for an hour is enough to cover the energy we consume in a year, this is incredible, that is why solar energy is more powerful than any other energy source. 

Fun facts about solar energy: 

  1. Its first uses date back to 1957 by the Soviet Union to launch its first space satellite. Some time later, the United States also used solar panels to obtain electricity to launch its satellite in 1958. 
  2. China is the main producer of rare earths, which are part of the 17 metals used in the manufacture of solar panels, with 95% of the world's mines of this type of material. 
  3. The country with the largest number of solar panel installations is Germany, so solar energy has become one of the main sources of energy throughout the country. 
  4. One solar panel is capable of reducing the pollution of at least 100 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. 
  5. Light is made up of particles called photons whose molecular weight is equal to 0, which is why nothing can exceed the speed of light. 
  6. Solar energy costs have been reduced over the last decade in response to the high demand that exists and the energy revolution of which we are a part. 
  7. There is energy for everyone, because solar energy is renewable and inexhaustible. If you want to know a little more about this topic, we invite you to read our blog Is there enough solar energy for everyone?
  8. It is expected that in the coming years solar energy will be the main source of energy globally and that thanks to the high demand, panels will be more economical and that all houses built will already have a solar panel system. 

What are the main benefits of solar energy? 


It is environmentally friendly

Studies around the world have shown that this type of energy is less polluting by at least 90% compared to the traditional energy provided by the utility, which has consequences for the ecosystem and contributes to the acceleration of global warming. 


Solar energy is unlimited, unlike traditional energy that comes from fossil fuels, since these depend on natural resources destined for their exploitation. 

It is free of charge 

As it is obvious, sunlight is free because it is a natural resource to which all living beings have access, so its use is unlimited and you will not have to pay for it once you have your solar panels to convert it into alternative energy for your home. 

You recover your investment 

If you decide to install your solar panels, the investment you make can be recovered in the medium term, therefore, by acquiring solar panels with a 25-year warranty you will see the recovery in 5 years if you take into account the money you could pay in electricity bills in all this time. 

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Easy access

As this type of energy source can be found anywhere in the world regardless of the geographical area, all people have access to it, although not all countries already implement the installation of solar panel systems in residential places, with the energy revolution it is expected that in the future this will be the main source of energy worldwide. 

Low-cost energy

Fossil fuels used to produce traditional energy can be expensive and are not renewable, so their value is high, in contrast, solar energy does not use any type of fuel for its operation, even for the manufacture of solar panels are used metals much less polluting than conventional ones. 

Reduces the greenhouse effect

As we discussed in the blog How solar energy and panels help the planet?theamount of pollution in the manufacture and installation of solar panels and batteries for the storage of the energy produced, is very little in contrast to that emitted in traditional power plants where gases such as CO2 are produced, which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect .

Energy of the future 

Currently there are many organizations globally that implement solar energy and promote it, the expectation is that in 2100 the energy consumed on the planet will be solar, so that all efforts are focused on caring for the environment and prevent pollution for a better future.

Now that you know a little more about solar energy and the multiple benefits it brings to living beings, you can think better about the decision to install solar panels in your home, you will see the savings in your finances while you contribute to create a better environment for our future generations. 

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