Where to install your solar panels, on the patio or on the roof of your house?

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Know the best place to install your solar panels and take full advantage of them.

This is one of the most common doubts people have when they want to install solar panels. Therefore, here we will tell you where it is more convenient to have them to achieve the solar exposure and the expected performance.

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There are different areas where solar panels can be installed, but the most common areas are on the roofs of houses or on the patio/ground, let's see some advantages of both areas:


Advantages of installing solar panels on the roof


Durability: On the roof, your solar panels have less risk of damage caused by some kind of accident or natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis etc.

Minimal maintenance: As they are on the roof, they require less cleaning than on the ground, as they are not so prone to get dirty with objects from the environment such as tree leaves, soil, etc.

Weather resistance: Solar panels are designed to adapt to different climates, but it is true that, in winter, it is easier for snow to fall and not affect its operation. In this type of situation is when maintenance should be performed.

Increase in property value: This is one of the most important advantages of solar panels on the roof. We know that having solar panels on our house increases its value, i.e., if your house is worth $500,000 USD, with solar panels it could increase an additional $20,000 USD.

In addition, people love to have the floor of their patio free, because it becomes the perfect setting for barbecues, BBQ or family dinners, have a beautiful garden, so that your pet has the necessary space to run and play or put an inflatable pool for the little ones in summer.

Reduction in the electric bill: As your main source of electricity production will be the sun, you will no longer depend 100% on utility power, so your electric bill will decrease considerably. What this means is that with your photovoltaic panels you will be able to produce your own energy.



Figure 1. Rooftop solar panel 

Retrieved from: https://programasolar.com/cuantos-paneles-solares-se-necesitan-para-una-casa/

Advantages of installing solar panels on the patio


Equipment: The structure can be equipped with a special tracking system that rotates the photovoltaic panels towards the sun at the optimal angle, so that they automatically rotate when the sunlight changes direction.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning: being on the ground, it is easier and faster to remove dirt that may fall on them, such as dust, dirt or sometimes bird droppings.

Reduction in the electric bill: As your main source of electricity production will be the sun, you will no longer depend 100% on utility power, so your electric bill will decrease considerably. What this means is that with your photovoltaic panels you will be able to produce your own energy.

In both cases, the reduction of the electric bill is a fact. But beyond that, both rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels have different benefits and that is where you should think about which option best suits your needs. 


Figure 2. Backyard solar panel.

Retrieved from: https://www.freepik.es/fotos-premium/vista-aerea-arriba-abajo-paneles-solares-patio-aldea-rural-verde_16203497.htm

Do portable photovoltaic systems exist?

Of course they are. Portable solar panels are like those installed on roofs or in backyards of homes, with the difference that they are smaller and their power is lower. They are usually used for camping, or in emergency situations, for example, when there is a power outage and we need electricity to charge the computer, cell phone, etc. In addition, because they are small and light, they are perfect for carrying in the car, for camping or for use in different areas of the house.


Figure 3. Portable solar panel.

Retrieved from: https://deltavolt.pe/general/placas-solares-portatiles/

But what is the difference between solar panels installed on the patio and those installed on the roof?

Solar panels that are in the yard are more prone to damage. If there is ever a flood, the solar panels would be the first to be damaged, as they would be submerged for a long time, plus being in the yard they can easily be hit by debris carried by the water.

In addition, being on the ground, objects in the environment can cover or shade them, which would prevent the panel from having adequate solar exposure, damaging and decreasing the solar energy charge.

In contrast, installing solar panels on the roofs of houses minimizes the risk of damage from flooding and debris damage. Also, being on the roof ensures maximum solar energy production and exposure.

Are rooftop or backyard solar panels more expensive?

Actually, the price is determined by the number of panels you require, but to know this it is necessary to make a study of the space you have to place them, either on the floor or on the roof, for example, if on the floor of your house there is space to install 40 photovoltaic panels, but according to your consumption you need 30, only 30 are installed and the price value will be linked to these 30 panels.

If installed in the courtyard, how should the solar panels be oriented to ensure they have the necessary exposure?

Ideally, they should be directed mainly to the south and with an inclination of 30 degrees, so that they receive the most sunlight during the day.

As explained in this blog, the best option is to install solar panels on the roof of your home. This way you minimize the risk of damage to your solar system, you can continue to enjoy and make the most of your backyard and save on your monthly electric bill.

Now that you have this valuable information, you can schedule a free consultation here to speak with one of our expert Solar Consultants and begin the process of going solar.

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