Privacy Policy

Solar Mission

Solar Mission is a company that is committed to the protection of private and confidential information that is obtained within the ordinary course of business in the development of their respective corporate purpose.

Our policies and procedures are based on the legal framework mentioned above whose purpose is the protection of information that has been entrusted to us, being our intention to collect only those information that has been provided voluntarily by our customers, contractors, suppliers, employees, former employees, visitors, among others.

This information may be obtained, among others, through any of the following channels or means: i) commercial or professional relationship with the respective client, supplier or other third parties; ii) labor relationship with employees and former employees; iii) application to selection processes; iv) attendance to trainings, seminars or courses, among others; v) sending e-mails requesting information; and vi) electronic resources or platforms that use Solar Mission in the United States, among others.

We must point out that the personal information that is provided, delivered or sent to Solar Mission in the United States will be used in accordance with this Policy for the Treatment of Personal Data and the Owner accepts it. It is clear that the data provided will not be used for activities or purposes other than those provided here. In any case, in the event that such personal information is used for other purposes, its use must be covered by one of the exceptions provided for in the regulations or have the express authorization of the owner.

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